Zvakanaka Farm is an idyllic getaway in the Soutpansberg Mountains in Limpopo. It is also an ideal stop-over for Kruger National Park (Pafuri and Punda Maria gates), Mapungubwe National Park, Zimbabwe via Beit Bridge, Mozambique via Pafuri and Botswana via Pontdrift and Platjan. Zvakanaka Farm offers a range of accommodation: Igababa Cabin, Madala’s Cottage, Fook Farmhouse Garden Flat, Kubla’s Caravan and Zvakanaka Camp Site.


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Madala’s Cottage, Fook Farmhouse Garden Flat and Kubla’s Caravan have free, uncapped WiFi. Campers and Igababa guests have access to free, uncapped Wifi at Bullet’s Cyber Café at the campsite. The cabin, cottage, flat and caravan are strictly no-smoking zones and we ask that, if you are smokers, that you smoke outside. If you really do not think you can comply with this request, we would ask that you rather not book with us.

Please also kindly note that NO PETS of any sort are allowed on our farm.


Zvakanaka farm is 54 hectares in area and the three main vegetation types are grassland, wetland and semi-deciduous scrub-forest. There are numerous hiking trails cut on the farm and, depending on how much energy you want to exert, you can either take gentle strolls or more serious walks to the very top of the mountain where there are stunning views in all directions.


The approximate travelling times to us from some main points are: Polokwane (formerly Pietersburg) 1 ¼ hours; Pretoria 4 ½ hours; Johannesburg 5hours; Punda Maria Gate (Kruger National Park) 2 ¼ hours; Pafuri Gate (Kruger National Park) 2 ¾ hours; Beit Bridge Border 1 hour; Botswana border 2 hours.


Zvakanaka is located in a summer rainfall region, where the average annual rainfall is between 500mm to 800mm, with approximate summer temperatures ranging from a minimum of 12 degrees C to a maximum of 32 degrees C and winter temperatures ranging from a minimum of 5 degrees C a maximum of 20 degrees C. There are a few days of frost during winter in the low-lying parts of the farm.


The birdlife on the Farm is plentiful and varied – the cliffs, grasslands, forest and the wetland ensure a wide range of species. Many of our guests express their delight in the chorus of bird calls during their time on the Farm – particularly at dusk and dawn.

Zvakanaka Farm falls within Pentad 2255_2955 of the SABP2 project (The South African Bird Atlas Project 2). The link reflects 209 bird species in the Pentad; the list for our Farm is in excess of 133 birds. Birds not listed in the Pentad, but seen by more than one birder, are: Garden Warbler, Olive-Tree Warbler, Pink-throated Twinspot, Yellow-throated Longclaw.

Click here for the bird-list for the Pentad. The birds with ticks have been seen on the Farm. The list is certainly not complete. When you book with us please indicate if you are a birder or not and we will email the most up-to-date bird list for the Pentad, with the species seen on the Farm ticked.

On the walking trails cut on the Farm, keep a look out for Olive Bush-Shrike, Narina Trogon, Yellow-streaked Greenbul, Gorgeous Bush Shrike, Cape Rock Thrush, Eastern Nicator, Green Twinspot, Scaly-throated Honeyguide, White-starred Robin-Chat , Chorister Robin-Chat, Bearded Scrub Robin, Blue-Mantled Crested flycatcher, Crowned Eagle and Verreaux’s Eagle, amongst many others.

We have an excellent bird guide in the area (not resident on the Farm). He is well-known and can help you see many elusive species: notably the Blue-spotted Wood Dove, Bat Hawk, African Broadbill, Orange Ground Thrush, Magpie Mannikin amongst others. Contact Samson Mulaudzi at www.birdingsoutpansberg-venda.co.za


Zvakanaka Farm is located on the south-facing slopes of the eastern Soutpansberg in Limpopo Province. To get there travel north along the N1 for approximately 11km from Louis Trichardt (often incorrectly named Makhado on maps). 1km after the Avoca Vale Hotel, is a turn-off to the right to Witvlag. This is a gravel road. About 700m along this road, on the left-hand side, is the entrance to the farm.